Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Things Around You Can Distract You

"The things around you can distract and keep you from ever reaching your potential as well as cloud your judgment. If you brought it in with you on your journey that doesn't mean you have to keep it with. Some of things we hold close can become a burden if you are not fully committed. Understand and learn how to respond and move forward when the circumstances have change." ~ D'Allen Pretlow

What's in Your Kitchen?

About 65 percent of Americans who took part in the study have soy sauce “on hand now,” and 20 percent keep “solid pack pumpkin” in their pantries. Some foods are rarely seen in American kitchens. It turns out, not surprisingly, that Americans are apparently not very fond of mincemeat; almost 9 out of 10 households said they “never” have it on hand. Artichokes, turnips and almonds were not far behind. The report also found that what Americans keep in their kitchens depends to a large extent on the number of people in their homes. Larger households are more likely than one-member households to have “kid-friendly” items like sugary baking ingredients and candy. Only 30 percent of one-member households have marshmallows on hand, but that figure jumps to 59 percent in households with five people or more. A similar pattern is seen with frosting, dips and cake mixes. As for where Americans are getting their inspiration to cook, it appears that nothing beats a favorite cookbook. The most frequent source of a recipe was a cookbook that had been owned for longer than two years. Most households reported using them for dinner-oriented main dishes and entrees, followed by side dishes, desserts and soups. “Brunch” foods were the least popular recipes. Over all, 4 out of 10 households reported turning to a favorite recipe at least once a week. And although technology has invaded nearly every aspect of home life, household chefs are apparently unlikely for now to turn their iPhones into pocket sous chefs. Only 1 percent of Americans included in the study said they use a recipe from a mobile phone app at least once every two to six months. One of the greater surprises, said Kim McLynn, a spokeswoman for the NPD Group, was the way in which people of different ages rated their cooking skills. “Younger cooks rated their skills very good,” she said, “whereas the older cooks rated their skills lower.” The report, called the “Kitchen Audit,” has been published since 1993 and is primarily used by food and appliance makers for marketing and product development purposes. 

Blog written by Ryan Pretlow, December 13, 2011

Who Are We?

Welcome to Bring It Fitness! We are D'Allen and Ryan Pretlow, and we live in Fayetteville, NC with our 5 beautiful children. We are fortunate in our marriage to share a true passion for fitness. We have over 8 years of experience in group training and in individual coaching. In a group setting, we have learned how to connect with others while teaching them the correct form and technique during workouts. Over the years, we have worked with very diverse groups and individuals. Other than raising happy and healthy children, we've found our purpose: to help others find confidence and achieve healthy self-esteem through changing their bodies. Look up... change the body. The mind WILL follow! 

Ryan knows this first hand. After struggling with her weight throughout childhood and adolescence, Ryan topped the scale at 240 lbs. She was miserable, and her self esteem was absolutely broken. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Through exercise and proper nutrition, Ryan lost 75 lbs. and has been able to keep this weight off for the past 9 years. So, we have been there. We know what you need to do find yourself through fitness.  

Our goal is to motivate and change your perception of yourself by convincing the body that it can do things it says it can’t do. We believe that your body will follow where ever the minds lead it. In most cases, it is a mindset that causes us to stay in the same routine and situation. We can help you break that cycle by showing simple things you can repeat on a daily basis, making changes periodically to keep the body guessing to keep the results coming. 

The only thing we ask of you is commitment and focus. You have to stay focused and work at it. It will not come to you. But with us, you are never alone. It is our job to help you get there. It's your job to go there. 

We've started this blog so that we can not just share tips and ideas with our current customers, but we would like to reach out to anyone who is ready to take control of their life and make healthy choices and changes.  We hope you enjoy, and please feel to contact us at any time.

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