Thursday, July 26, 2012

It won't come to you

The things you want and that are worth having will not come to you.  You have to go get them.  There are times when we get so consumed with making these huge goals and think in the long (which is okay) but we fell to understand that we have to put the work in.  Just because the goal is set or the plan is in place that does not mean that your job/work is done.  You have to work for it.  You have to earn it.  You have to live and breath it daily.  Keep in mind that there will be good days and bad ones.  The good days are easy to get through but don't neglect or forget about the bad days.  Those are the crucial moments when you get "IT".  The message or the one thing that you push you over the hump and get you over the hill.  Don't get complacent and don't be negative.  Being complacent will only give you a false since of security and being negative, we all know how that works.  You will give up or say I can't or even worse I quit.  Remember the house rules, adopt them as your own, Don't Stop Don't Quit.  If its worth having you will go for it because it will not come to you

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