Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I am not one to push products, and I was the first person to say I would put any products in my body that I could not keep up with on a consistent basis.  Well, times have changed, and my mind has too. 

We are an active society, and we are always trying to find way to keep ourselves healthy and active at every turn.  The problem is the more active we become the less likely we are to keep up with our diet.  There are plenty of reasons and choices on every corner to distract us and give us an easy and fast way to our nutrition.

But I ask you is it an easy way or is is it a faster way to more problems? 

If you leave you home and go to any store that sells nutritional products, and there are a lot of them, you will find an abundance of options and all of them will say basically the same thing -  that they are the best or it gives you the most for your money. Really, at some point you have to do was best for you regardless of cost of regardless of what the product/or rep says.  When you are looking for a product, there are a couple things that you have to consider. 

For me the first thing is WHAT is in the product that will benefit me long term and short term. 

Second thing is it all natural?  Is it gluten free? 

Will it help me with energy level (naturally) and truly replace what I may miss in a meal.  I do not and will never advocate skipping meals neither will you ever hear me to suggest that you actually replace a meal with a QUALITY  meal replacement. 

The truth is you should do the best you can to eat a well balanced diet, (fruits, vegetables and complex carbs).  Is it hard or difficult to do, YES, absolutely.  I always say, don't wish it was easy wish you were better.  How, make better choices and commit to those choices.  Remember you have to do whats best for you. 

For me Shakeology is that product hands down.  The benefits are to numerous to list, and that is for a later post.  Lets just say that it has everything you need if you need probiotics (to cleanse you daily) antioxidants (to help fight the harmful illness and diseases in the body) protein and amino (build blocks to help promote muscle growth) to name a few. 

Most of us, myself included, want the cheapest way to end or finish line.  Fast will not last.  The short cut will cost you more in the long run.  Remember the best way to reduce your health care cost to do your research.  Don't go the cheap way go the best way.... Shakeology anyone?

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