Friday, July 27, 2012

Note to self

I know you.  I know who you are and where you come from.  I know that in order for my future to exceed my expectations I must let go of the things that hold me back and the things that keep me from living up to my potential.  In order for me to defy the odds I must change what I do for me and only me.  I must break free of my depression and say to myself that, "THIS ENDS HERE AND NOW".  Nobody said it would be easy.  Nobody has volunteered to do anything for me.  I am MY shield.  I am MY protector.  Nobody will claim what is mine.  Nobody will hold me back.  If anyone stands in my path I will go through them and not around them.  I will never look back because it will be part of my past.  Instead I will look ahead and be bold, fearless and stronger for those who choose to follow in my footsteps.  Am I perfect, No!  Am I claiming to know everything, No!  Who am I to make such a bold statement and take such a bold stance?  I am the new person I always knew I could be.  The difference between yesterday and today is simple. The reason(s) I am stronger now is obvious.  What is it? I finally stop giving to others and started giving to me.  I finally said, I do matter and I deserve everything I want but now I will earn it and I will own it.  I will be heard and remembered and most importantly, I WANT TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE.  DSDQ!

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  1. very well said my friend - Brenda